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Girl's Special Occasion Dresses      Sizes  6, 8, 10
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Girls Pink Dress
Style 10305-G
Spaghetti straps
with drop sleeves
are just the
beginning of this
gorgeous girls
Girls Blue Dress
Beautiful as a
flower girl dress &
is at home at any
special event.  It
has a full
multi-layer skirt
with net overlay.
Girls Ivory Dress
Style 10314-J
She will look a real
princess.  It's top
with spaghetti
straps & drop
shoulders over a
multi-layer net skirt.
Girls Lilac Dress
Style 10321-J
Pearl accented
lace high the waist
& neckline of this
impressive dress.  
It's has a very full
multi-layer skirt
with net overlay.
Girls Royal Blue &
Ivory Dress Style
This dress has a
gently embroidered
sheer overlay & is
accented at the waist
with streaming glitter
Girls Burgundy
with Silver
Style 10330-J
An impressive
dress any occasion.  
It is gently
embroidered with
sequin accents.
Girls Fuchsia Dress
Style 10232-J
This girls dress set
is a real dazzler. It's
dress has narrow
straps & sequins. It
has a light weight
short sleeve jacket.
Girls Pink Easter
Style 10343-J
A gorgeous girls
turquoise Easter
dress with sequin
accents.  Wide
satin hemline with
satin waistband.
Girls Black Dress
Style 10382-J
A dazzling dress
with short sleeve
velvet top & oval
neckline.  It's soft
sheer overlay is
accented with a
beautiful flower.
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Girls Ivory Dress
Style 10319-J
This beautiful
dress is accented
with pearl and
pearl lace. Very
full skirt for
maximum twirl
Girls Lilac Easter
Style 10325-J
A gorgeous girls
turquoise Easter
dress with sequin
accents.  Wide
satin hemline with
satin waistband.
Girls Fuchsia Dress
Style 10311-J
Fun & Fabulous! A
beautiful girls
fuchsia Easter
dress with unique
soft sheer lace
Girls Lilac Lavender
Easter Sequin Lace
Style 10326-G
Lovely in Lilac!  She
will look like a real
princess in this soft
sequin & satin lilac
Girls Easter Dress!
Girls Coral Sequin
Special Occasion
Style 10372-G
Gorgeous for her
special occasion.
Full gathered skirt
with sheer overlay
with sparkling